Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting your HGV

As specialists in cleaning and disinfecting the interior of your trailers, we can offer you a complete, tailored solution.

11 07 2023

Tank cleaning station in Calais

Regular cleaning and disinfection of your lorry is recommended and beneficial in terms of biosafety. In certain sectors, such as food or health, this is a sanitary obligation between each load. Food, industrial, Savoyard or refrigerated road tankers are all welcome at our station for cleaning.

At Calais TruckStop, depending on the programme you choose, your interior surfaces will be rid of all viruses, bacteria and fungi. Thanks to high-pressure rotating wash heads, hot water and specific cleaning and disinfecting products, you can be sure of a complete, high-quality wash inside your trailers.

Would you like to make an appointment or simply get more information? Call us on 03 74 79 01 40 from Monday to Friday, 6am to 7pm.

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Station de lavage citerne intérieur Station de lavage citerne intérieur
Station de lavage citernes

Une station de lavage équipée de procédés modernes pour laver l’intérieur des citernes routières alimentaires

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Services et équipements

Une large offre de services est proposée aux conducteurs routiers durant leur temps d’attente et de repos

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