Truck parking in Calais: a safe break in complete safety

The Calais TruckStop parking facility offers optimum security and constant surveillance for the safety of the truck drivers and the protection of their goods and vehicles.

09 03 2021

A secure truck parking area

Calais TruckStop has chosen to enhance the safety of its infrastructure and parking facilities to ensure the comfort of road drivers and the protection of goods. Security guards and dog patrols keep a constant surveillance of the site's 50 000 SqM of fenced and lighted parking. Surveillance cameras film the truck parking entrances and exits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access is further secured for vehicles and pedestrians with an access gate, payment terminals and a check-point with turnstile for pedestrian drivers.

Safety : our priority !

Soon to be SSTPA certified, an additional guarantee of safety.
Our car park complies with European Commission directives thanks to the SSTPA (Safe and Secure Truck Park Area) certification, which aims to offer a minimum set of services for truck drivers: catering, sanitary facilities, lighting, surveillance and security, security guards. Calais TruckStop will soon receive the certification.
To deal with damage and theft of goods, Calais TruckStop offers you a secure place for your truck drivers and their vehicles!

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Parking poids-lourds Parking poids-lourds
Parking poids-lourds

Un parking PL de 300 places pour garantir à vos conducteurs routiers et à leur chargement un stationnement sécurisé

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